Refund policy

Our quality control * enables us to offer the original purchaser a 2 month warranty on the quality of your board and accessories.

The warranty will be admissible if:

  • By unpacking your board, you notice: a manufacturing defect (delamination, Eva pad which takes off, color defect)
  • You notice a defect in the materials (breakage of the hull, breakage of a fin box)
  • You notice a lack in your list of accessories
  • S i you use your board respecting the recommended maintenance and the practical guides and you nevertheless notice a manufacturing defect.

What to do to benefit from your warranty in this case?

For the warranty to be activated, it is important that you complete the online form within a 7-day period after discovery of the defect .

How to send us your warranty request?

Make sure you are as specific as possible in your description! Once we have received the necessary documentation, we will get back to you with the next steps in the 48 working hours .

L The warranty applies only to the first buyer , < / b> since a badly used SUP board can easily be damaged. And in many cases, this is not a manufacturing issue, but rather negligence on the part of the buyer.

You will therefore understand that we cannot offer a guarantee if your board:

  • A delaminated following exposure to excessive heat (direct sunlight, prolonged time in the car and / or in the carrying bag)
  • M has a look that deteriorates with normal wear
  • A lists aesthetic defects that are impossible to reach due to its substrate (PVC)
  • P shows signs of wear caused by lack of maintenance
  • Has suffered damage as a result of air transport
  • Has suffered damage as a result of negligence, abuse or accident whether during loading, unloading, transport or handling on or off the water
  • Has been used for commercial purposes such as rental and lessons of paddleboard
  • Has sustained damage from impact with rocks or other rigid objects
  • Suffered damage from paddlesurf , surfing in waves, as well as SUP races
  • Has been improperly repaired or modified by people not referred by Waikiki Board
  • Has suffered damage as a result of storage that is too humid, too hot or too cold (see the blog article on our website on this subject) < / li>
  • Has suffered damage caused by natural disasters or accidents, such as fire, flood, etc. Obviously, we really don't wish you that.

* Our quality control:

Paddle board inflatable: b>

  • Visual test for design quality
  • Quality test of the Eva pad
  • Air tightness test in a water basin
  • Valve leak test
  • No twisting of the PVC
  • Maximum air pressure at 19 psi
  • Quality control of the structure of the aileron boxes
  • Validation that the packaging contains all the
  • accessories

If you want to return or exchange a product you have purchased, contact

  • Make sure your products and packaging are intact.
  • Your request must be made within 10 days of your purchase.
We always prefer to advise you upstream (the season is short, every day is precious).